Drug-Related Offenses

Drug-Related Offenses

It should come as no surprise that it is against the law to possess drugs and prescription medications without a valid prescription. The penalties for drug related charges vary depending on the facts of your individual case.

There are many different drug charges

There are many different drug charges with varying degrees of penalties. The severity of these penalties depends upon the type of substance, the amount in possession, and several other factors. They are tied directly to the classification of drug. According to the DEA:

Drug Charges, Trafficking and Possession Offenses

Some drug related crimes are filed as misdemeanors and carry the penalty of fines and potential jail time. Other drug charges are indicted as felonies and can carry the potential for lengthy mandatory prison sentences as well as hefty fines. Additionally, you may be penalized with probation or the loss of your driver’s license.

These charges can have the potential impact the rest of your life. These can charges hang over your head for years to come. Drug Charges can interfere with job applications, student loan programs, citizenship applications, and rental housing agreements.

When it comes to your future, you need an ally

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