Being convicted of a crime can easily send your life down a path of hardship. Even minor charges can lead to the loss of basic rights, like your right to vote and own firearms, and make it difficult to find employment or affordable housing. The state is not on your side. Do not talk to the police without representation from the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio.

To the state, you are your case number. To Darren Meade and his associates at the Meade Law Group, you are our priority. We believe every person has the right to expert legal assistance and representation. It is our purpose to fight for your rights. Darren is a former prosecutor and public defender with over 30 years of experience in criminal law.

He understands the nuances of Ohio criminal law and how it is applied in practice. Our team will be with you every step of the way – from the initial contact with the investigating authorities, throughout the proceedings, and all the way to appeals and expungement, if your case necessitates it.

Contact the best criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and let us safeguard your freedom. 


You need a lawyer with demonstrable experience and one who knows the inner workings of the legal system in your area. More than that, you need a criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio, who is willing to dedicate the time and effort necessary to provide the best defense possible.

At the Meade Law Group, we understand that each case is unique. We will utilize the vast resources acquired during decades of practice to assert your rights and defend you against all charges.


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Drug-Related Offenses

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Sex Offense Accusations

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The criminal defense lawyers from the Meade Law Group have years of experience in successfully defending clients in Ohio and are committed to defending your rights and freedom. Our criminal defense attorneys from Columbus, Ohio, specialize in:

On top of serious legal repercussions, domestic violence charges can damage your reputation to the point where you are no longer able to live a normal life. Whether you are accused of assault, stalking, harassment, or any other type of domestic violence offense, the best criminal defense attorneys from the Meade Law Group know which defense to use to get an acquittal or dismissal.

Drug-related offenses are strictly sanctioned in Ohio. From imprisonment to losing your professional license, these are not charges to be taken lightly. Our criminal defense attorneys from Columbus have experience with all types of drug-related offenses and provide you with the representation you deserve.

One mistake can devastate your family life, employment opportunities, and wreak havoc on your insurance. In Ohio, incarceration, license suspension, and high fines may all be mandatory if you are convicted of drunk driving, even if it is your first offense. Do not leave anything up to change – seek expert legal representation.

Facing felony charges is frightening, but now is not the time to freeze up. You can hire an attorney before you are charged with any crime. As soon as you are contacted by the police, contact us and have the best criminal defense attorneys in Ohio by your side from the beginning. We will advocate for you throughout the pre-indictment and arraignment processes and, if necessary, during trial and appeal.

The juvenile justice system is substantially different from the adult system. Proper representation requires that the attorney has extensive experience in juvenile proceedings. At the Meade Law Group, we have represented many juveniles and helped them get their life back on track. We can do the same for your children.

No case is too small or irrelevant for us. We understand that even a supposedly small matter like a traffic violation can have a significant negative impact on your insurance, finances, or employment. Our criminal defense attorneys from Columbus will apply the same dedication to misdemeanors and traffic violations as they do the more severe accusations.

Being accused of a sex offense is one of the hardest things to endure. The penalties are harsh and can impact all facets of your life, even disregarding jail or prison time. You may be forced to register as a sex offender, which will cause you to lose employment opportunities and get denied housing. Do not risk your future. Retain the services of the best criminal defense attorneys in Ohio.

The penalty for petty theft can be imprisonment of up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The penalty for felony theft can be up to 11 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. None of these charges are to be taken lightly. Having an experienced lawyer on your side could be the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. Contact us and let’s work together to protect your interests.

“Don’t let fear and anxiety control decisions that can affect your future.”
– Darren L. Meade
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Attorney Darren L. Meade

With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of trials in criminal litigation, Darren will be able to fight for your freedom. Don’t let fear and anxiety prevent you from making smart decisions about your future. The Meade Law Group can provide defenses for: